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Plan 9 From The 1990s

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Recently I ran into a bunch of talk on the web about Plan 9. It reminded me that I had once learned about Plan 9, but had mostly forgotten what the big ideas were. So of course I decided to explore again, and this time actually take notes. As I’ve already written notes down, I’ve decided I might as well make a blog post about what I view as the big ideas of Plan 9.

IPv6 setup

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Some time ago I was finally in a position where my ISP had IPv6 capabilities and I was in full control of my internet setup (IE it wasn’t controlled by landlords or shared with roommates who had stronger opinions than mine). So naturally I decided to join the internet of the future (that should have been the internet of the 90’s) and get IPv6 set up.

configuration tips

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As an avid computer configurator, I want to share some tips about how to effectively customize and keep track of your configuration. I want to highlight the different types of configuration needs that exist, and suggest some good ways of managing them.